Hurrah! Trialled up, baby!

We held two sets of trials this week, and they went swimmingly, with lots of little awkward things that we noted down to adjust for the real deal come Sunday the 20th, when we have our first show.

Thanks to our hosts, to our nail salon colleagues, and to the peeps who came and got audio-ed and nail-ed up.

FYI, these are the names of the nail colours. I thought I’d share because they are kooky names and I had to show the lady at DJ’s my list of nail colours. Turns out we needed to have several bottles of each colour, to fill up the nice display rack that Clare has made.

The names are:

A Roll in the Hague  

Big Apple Red  
Bubble Bath 
Lincoln Park After Dark 
We’re using OPI brand nail colours, and I think the deal is that they release themed ranges. I’m suspecting that some of our colours were from a New York range, the Hague one from a Dutch range. I’m not sure about Bubble Bath.

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