Tips and pics

Tip #1 – There is nothing wrong with enjoying being thrashed by a giant vibrating chair.

Tip #2 – The best banh mi thits we’ve ever eaten were in Ho Chi Minh City. Failing that, try Smith Street.

Tip #3 – Even audio works require costumery.

Tip #4 – Listening parties are fun!

Tip #5 – Festivals are more fun!

Tip #6 – Be gentle on yourself for your first site-specific works.

Tip #7 – Be thoughtful about re-staging a site-specific work, and where and who you do this with.

Photos: These are from Season 2o13. Sarah Walker took these photos.

A hand, nails being filed.

Person getting their nails done

MP3 players

Person with headphones on

Photos: These are from Season 2o12. Pia Johnson took the photos in the salon, Clare McCracken took the photos in the recording studio and of Michele at the trial.

Entering the salon!

Reading through our magazine about the four tracks.

Choosing a track.

The host brings over the headphones and MP3 player.

The nail treatment continues.



Fanny and Jing-Xuan in Telephone

Roddy in Travellers


Ferdinand in Husbands


Michele at one of the trials