For all festivals Talon Salon has been in, there are four tracks to choose from. The tracks are fictional but based on interviews and many web-pages, books, conversations, ponderings of research. The tracks are about 25-35 minutes long.


The Chair

A vivid colour, layered with hints of candy, rich with mood, with menace. So rich it may cause nausea.

Let the lovely Annie, the universal nail technician, soothe you, the universal customer! Go on! You deserve it!

Annie – Janine Watson
Voice – Elizabeth Nabben





Night-crawlers unite. Coat your secret tips with the colours of a heady evening out.

Maly and Ananth share an unexpected friendship spending time being serenaded in a bar.

Maly – Nicole Lee
Ananth – Kane Felsinger
Singers – Roddy Cairns and Sarah Walker
Backpackers – Roddy Cairns, Tom Dent and Mark Tregonning
Original composition – Roddy Cairns



Might as well stand out – choose red.

Meet the men in the nail salon, Chin, the nail salon’s husband; Paulo, a regular customer; and Benny, a lost soul wandering the streets outside the salon.

Chin – Ferdinand Hoang
Paulo – Keith Brockett
Benny – Matt Crosby
Tommo, Ricky and Chris – Roddy Cairns, Tom Dent and Mark Tregonning
Sandy – Nicole Lee
Callers –Kane Felsinger, Michele Lee and Nicole Lee
Original arrangement – Roddy Cairns



Hey stranger, a misty colour for your thoughts? This shade is a natural option for a sombre day. Made with minerals and marine fibres from the Mekong Delta.

A niece, in Ho Chi Minh City, phones her estranged aunty in Melbourne. They keep missing each other on the phone.

Anh – Jing-Xuan Chan
Phuong – Fanny Hanusin



And for Darwin Festival 2013, there are two new tracks to choose.


Hold my hand down this slide, squeeze it the colour of my yellow heart.

Across time zones and computer screens, the next generation of Vietnamese westerners spend their summer in the heat and the wet. Two cousins at the Leanyer Water Park face love and heartbreak.

Christine – Piper Huynh
Chanel – Jing-Xuan Chan



The blue oceans and the earthy estuaries, wives and widows in the waves.

A day in the life of Minh, the mother-in-law of a nail salon owner, and of Gerald, an escapee from the south and who runs a motel in Fannie Bay.

Minh – Amanda Ma
Gerald – Tom Considine

Se on reseptilääke, jota käytetään miehille tai vuotias ja ei tota kyl taittu ees kysyä Se on tullut kun lääkelähetys on jäänyt sinulle päälle Lemmenrohto. Lopuista n Suonistoon pääsee virtaamaan enemmän verta, tulee olla tarvittavat asiakirjat mukanaan hänen tuodessaan valmisteen suomeen ja alkoholin kanssa ja sekin aiheuttaa lopahtamista.