My bandaid tan

We’re back from Darwin. It’s chilly in Melbourne and my bandaid tan is hidden (note: if you have a bandaid on your shoulder while you’re out in Darwin and take the bandaid off days later, you’ll have a nice finger-sized tan spot).

Last week Talon Salon opened at Nail Lovers at Casuarina Square. We were there from Wednesday until Sunday. Thanks to Thi and his niece Stef for hosting us in the salon. Kyle, a local Darwin actor, was our trusty Talon Salon usher. The centre management staff were very supportive. The coffee from Donut King was ok. A highlight moment was when a group of young African children walked by and the adult in the group pointed through the window at two women with Talon Salon headphones. “So relaxing!” she giggled, pointing, excited. The kids turned and looked, and followed in suit with their own giggles.

This week Talon Salon moves into the bustling metro heart of Darwin onto Mitchell Street, for another Wednesday to Sunday run. Li’s cousin Tommy will be our capable usher at the salon. Good luck!


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